Penzance Triathlon

A miracle! A sunny, dry and windless Penzance tri.  Today's race was held in great conditions which brought out the spectators and plenty of enthusiastic cheering.  It's great to race on days like today.

Tri Logic had six first claim members and a second claim in today's race and netted a reasonable trophy haul in the age group categories.

Penzance Tri 2015

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As usual the race was very well organised, well marshalled and with a massive goodie bag.  Thanks to MBH for another great event. On a sad note, this may well be the last Penzance Tri; the costs are getting prohibitively high (£650 car park hire, among other costs). If you know anybody in control of the venue, it's time for some peer pressure before we lose another race.

Dave Cracknell 07:02 50:10 29:29 1:26:41 11 3
Phil Knuckey 07:28 53:35 27:58 1:29:01 18 3
Will Hutchins 07:54 53:34 28:25 1:29:53 20 6
Simon Timms 07:24 1:04:19 27:29 1:39:12 39 9
Susie Wood 07:42 1:04:11 32:25 1:44:18 54 6
Barry Drew 12:33 1:06:45 35:06 1:54:24 79 2
Tracey Rickard 08:52 1:14:35 36:22 1:59:49 92 9

Full race results - Penzance-Tri-2015-results

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