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Falmouth Tri & Aquathalon

Not ideal conditions today, but that didn't stop quite a few of our members racing (even if they did fib about their age/sex,  Chris).  Well done to everybody who took part in this slightly altered Sprint Distance race.

Rachel Vague 17:53 51:11 22:18 1:34:44 74 2
Chris Linthwaite 18:30 54:06 20:04 1:35:09 76 3
Jon Roodhouse 17:54 53:00 24:36 1:38:18 92 81
Nigel Trevena 19:09 55:17 21:39 1:40:53 106 32
Susanna Wood 19:05 56:46 24:07 1:43:15 117 9
Chris Campbell 20:30 56:09 25:26 1:45:18 125 37
Tracey Rickard 21:20 1:03:52 25:38 1:53:35 151 7

Full race results available here.

Race information available here.

Auckland Triathlon

Report by Denise Cardew

New Zealand 363

By sheer coincidence, I found myself in Auckland on the same weekend as the 2nd event of the ITU World Series. Unfortunately I was flying home on the Sunday so could not watch the elite races but I did manage to participate in a small way!

On the Saturday I took part in the “swim/run” event and flew the Tri-Logic colours (and more than one person commented on the fact that that liked my tri-suit!). It was amazing to be part of such a big international event. As I prepared for my swim the elite triathletes were just finishing their practise swims. I was milling about the transition with dozens of the professionals – I was hoping to spot Jonathan Brownlee, so that I could give him a bit of encouragement, but unfortunately neither of us were that lucky!!

New Zealand 364

The swim itself was 750m around the Queens Wharf. Most people wore wetsuits but at a balmy 20 degrees centigrade I found it a delight (over the preceding weeks I had been wild swimming in glacier rivers and pools that would make brass monkeys shiver!!).

As you know, you can feel a bit wobbly when you initially stand up after the swim, but getting out onto a moving pontoon gave me an extra wobble!!

New Zealand 367

The run was short and sweet and before I knew it I was running down blue carpet and through the finish line. I have to admit there were no crowds of adoring supporters to give me a high five, just Barrie and my sister-in-law to take a photo and say “well done”!!