Caerhays Castle Triathlon

Back to the original format of our local triathlons, the ones before they were amalgamated into the Tri Series.  Open water swim off our beautiful beaches, a fast, terrifying and really hilly ride and, in this case, a really, really hilly off-road run. Slightly odd distances for a Sprint, almost an Iso-Tri for some people on the Bike/run legs (1km swim, 21km ride, 6.4km run)

Only 100 entry limit and nearly as many marshals and organisers meant this was a really well organised, social event and with the help of Caerhays Castle, it was held in a great venue.

As well as a few from TLC, there were a fair number of friends and ex  club members, all doing well.

Full race results available here.

Will Hutchins 16:32 42:46 35:33 1:36:06 14 5
Sarah Hutchins 22:23 53:26 45:49 2:06:20 69 6
Tracey Rickard 20:44 57:51 51:07 2:12:31 83 9