Eden Classic

This weekend saw many of our club members taking part in the Eden Classic Sportive.  Tempus have this to say on their website; "All routes will make the most of the undulating south coast and all riders will pass through picturesque villages and coastal beauty spots, whichever route they choose".  Hands up all who rode it and agree with the word "undulating".

There is a Sean Kelly listed at 4:32:25 for the 62m, I'm assuming it's not the Sean Kelly.

Full results available here.

Jim Hutchins 62m 5:13:36
Helen Rule 62m 5:15:22
Ali Galloway 62m 6:02:40
Helen Turner 62m 6:27:40
Jason Lloyd-King 62m 6:27:55
David Cox 100m 8:02:44
Adrian Bastian 100m 9:14:12
Tracey Rickard 100m 9:14:12