Mob Match

The cycle of wet and windy weekends had finally broken and this year's Mob Match saw a big turnout of runners from all the local clubs taking part in the 29th running of the event.  We had eight runners on the start line. Sadly Adrian DNF'd with hamstring issues, but he has not exactly been slack of late, so I think we can let him off.

20151122_110809[1] 20151122_110205[1] 20151122_105017[1] 20151122_104812[1]

Well done to all of team TLC who stepped up in an attempt to get us the small club trophy. (waiting for results) Thanks also to all the support out there; always welcome when pace starts to slip. Thanks to Helen for the photos.

Darrin Porter  31:09 45
Will Hutchins  34:18 96
Phil Knuckey  36:56 146
Jason Lloyd-King  40:57 224
Richard Wild 42:41 266
Hayley Care  42:59 270
 Tracey Rickard  44:18 297

Provisional results available here. mobmatch15