April 2013

5 Tors - 07/04/2013

A few hardy Tri logic runners braved the arctic wind and odd snowflake to run the 5 Tors organised by East Cornwall harriers today.

Post registration, it was a case of finding a windbreak just to keep warm. A very good turnout with a couple of hundred runners from cornish clubs and across the border

A fast start saw the fittest & least dressed runners shoot off, spreading out the field very quickly.

The course was very well marshalled and marked.  Most of the run was across unbroken moorland often not following any path but jumping from tussock to tussock.  A lot of the run was into a strong headwind

The challenging race was nearly 10 miles in length which took in Sharp Tor, Bearah Tor, Kilmar Tor, the Cheesewring and Tregarrick Tor.

We descended to Siblyback reservoir before starting a slow ascent throught  the marshlands around Great Gimble.

Views were amazing and worth the sweat and pain

The finish on the Cheese Ring hopping from granite stone to granite stone and avoiding walkers coming in the opposite direction caused us all to alter stride for the final mile and provided a final challenge

A tough fell run in very windy and cold conditions but still smiling crossing the finishing line

Lots of friendly banter from other club runners as ever...  Thanks East Cornwall Harriers

Julie Buckley

Name Place Time Claim
Paul Branwood 46 1:09:56 2nd
Mike Penberthy 91 1:16:14 2nd
Dave Morgan 96 1:17:29 1st
Jan Watson 155 1:25:32 2nd
Julie Buckley 183 1:30:40 1st
Kate Chaney 186 1:31:45 1st
Carol Penberthy 187 1:32:02 1st
Barry Drew 214 1:38:03 2nd
Ali Galloway 225 1:40:19 2nd
Laura Millward 226 1:40:53 2nd
Angie Tiller 232 1:43:55 2nd


5 Tors Moorland Race - 2013 Sheet1

Penzance triathlon 2013

Sunday arrived with all the wind and rain the recent forecasts had promised.  This didn’t seem to put off team TLC, we pitted ten of our bravest/most foolish against the conditions and further members helped marshal or rode in from Praze to watch the show. Thanks to all for your support.


I’m not sure what has been going on with the swim times but the second half of the field was heavily loaded with TLC members and the rest where liberally scattered through the earlier starters.  This did mean at one point near Land’s End Airport there were three of us strung out along the airfield straight and one more not far behind.  The ride was pretty exciting given the gusty conditions.   Mark swapped out the deep section rims at the last minute; Darrin braved it out with his (despite much mickey taking) but did have a few scary moments passing gates near St. Just.  We all got back to T2 safely and headed out on the run.  In comparison to the ride, the run was sheltered, the only dodgy section being the short off-road section where the grass and mud was a little slippery.  Weather aside, today was a great race and everybody seemed to have had fun, even if their times where not what they had hoped for (blame it on conditions, that’s my advise).


As a team we did well, especially in some age groups.  Mark won his age group (and ran off before we got chance to take a photo).  Darrin came in 5th overall and 3rd in his age group.  Phil came 3rd in his age group and Barry came in 2nd in his.  Sarah also picked up a trophy as a novice. So not bad for the first race of the season, plenty of silver wear for the TLC trophy cabinet.


Place Name Swim Ride Run Overall Place
5 Darrin Porter 00:07:35 00:51:14 00:24:38 01:23:27 3rd in 40-49
23 Mark King 00:07:27 00:57:29 00:28:22 01:33:18 1st in 50-59
28 Paul Brandwood 00:07:00 01:00:25 00:27:06 01:34:31
29 Will Hutchins 00:07:30 00:58:44 00:28:52 01:35:06
33 Phil Knuckey 00:07:25 00:59:18 00:29:27 01:36:10 3rd in 50-59
46 Chris Crowle 00:08:09 01:02:03 00:29:57 01:40:09
70 Chris Hammick 00:09:32 01:08:39 00:30:00 01:48:11
87 Sarah Patterson 00:10:21 01:16:11 00:30:52 01:57:24 Novice trophy
93 Michaella Holley 00:09:36 01:15:44 00:35:57 02:01:17
101 Barry Drew 00:12:55 01:15:55 00:37:10 02:08:00 2nd in 60+


Full race results. MBH Penzance Tri 2013 results.pdf

As we’ve come to expect from Yvonne and crew the race was well organised and well marshalled. This has to have been the fullest goody bag for a while and there were nearly as many marshals as competitors. So a big thanks must go out to MBH and all the marshals.


London Marathon 2013


Jason Beever took the TLC club spot and achieved his goal of getting round in under four hours.  Our second claim members also did very well, Barrie was just seconds outside the magical three hour finish and Viv also came in well under four hours.  The ladies finished in fairly close order and Nicki finished off the pack.


Congratulations to all of you, it was a hot and busy day and we are all very proud of you.


Place overall Place gender Place category Name Number Category Half Finish time
1387 1332 44 Cardew, Barrie 31287 50-54 01:28:07 03:00:43
6497 5383 857 Bray, Viv 23498 45-49 01:44:59 03:40:49
9680 7703 1504 Beever, Jason 23044 40-44 01:53:08 03:55:26
14346 3293 215 Cardew, Denise 18355 50-54 02:00:29 04:15:53
14921 3479 2015 Hutchins, Sarah 23279 18-39 02:02:22 04:18:22
17419 4347 269 Osborn, Kathryn 8317 50-54 02:06:18 04:28:45
28988 9270 1555 Carter, Nicki 38404 40-44 02:27:29 05:31:44



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