Feb 2013

The Marazion 10 is often chilly and has a long uphil finish but for some reason is always popular.  It's the first 10k of the year so is a good marker for the start of the season.  Again, we had  a good combination of first and second claim runners.


Place Name Time Claim
42 Barrie Cardew 0:38:54 2nd
134 Mike Penberthy 0:45:13 2nd
162 Tony Rowell 0:47:48 1st
173 Dave Cracknell 0:48:14 1st
244 Denise Cardew 0:52:19 2nd
280 Michaela Holley 0:54:21 1st
301 Ceri Harvey 0:55:27 2nd
307 Barry Drew 0:55:41 2nd
313 Kathryn Osborn 0:55:54 2nd
321 Ali Galloway 0:56:23 2nd
375 Laura Millward 1:00:19 2nd
394 Nikki Carter 1:01:41 2nd

Race results. 2013_marazion_10k_results


The Stinger

 200The Stinger


The forecast was good after all the recent rain. Woke up to dry, bright conditions and had a bit of brekkie, then drove up to Plymouth for the race. The first run was nothing too eventful, as usual the MTB riders start to die after the 1st mile and at any sign of a hill so I started to gain some places. Conditions were not too muddy but fun.  Off the run onto the bike leg and straight out of T1 up a rather steep hill; granny gear required. A fairly muddy coarse but not as technical as the last couple of years.  Good news for me.   Then a little trip into the brambles trying to get out of the way of a faster rider but all part of the fun.  Then through the river crossing, cold legs, and then a hard slog across a soggy field and a nice wet grassy climb.  A four lap course which got considerably muddier as time went on.  Into T2 for the run, as usual not the most pleasant route straight up a steep path.  A few stops with cramp on the foot-path that had been used by the Forestry for the last three months, more like a mud bath. After some walking I start to manage to run again.  A few more banks and trees to climb before the finish line.  20th in my age group so fairly pleased with that.  Note to the organisers, some extra age groups would be good; I’ve just gone the big 50.  As usual, a well run event and a nice laid back atmosphere.       Phil Knuckey

The Duchy's premier triathlon club

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