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Newquay 10k

Newquay is the second race in the GP series and saw a 767 runners complete the race.

Well done to all our runners (running for their respective running clubs) with top ten results in Cat for all.

Full results here.  2017_newquay_10k_results

Simon Knowles 36:52 27 8
Mark King 42:34 102 6
Stuart Pickering 42:50 108 7
Viv Bray 43:40 121 10
Helen Rule 49:07 235 10

Storm Force 2017

Storm Force is the first Grand Prix race of the season and saw a good turn out, with nearly 600 finishers. John Mitchell ran for the club and many of the club's second claim  runners also took part.

As usual, many thanks to all the marshals and volunteers who make these races possible.

Full results available here. 2017_storm_force_10_results-1

Simon Knowles 1:01:05 30
Mark King 1:10:21 116
Stuart Pickering 1:11:58 145
Ruby Orchard 1:12:30 153
Helen Rule 1:20:53 268
John Mitchell 1:34:53 450